Bordeaux Wine Boutique
is the result of a sibling partnership

The Cruzin’s brothers, both brought up in Bordeaux City and Pauillac-Haut Medoc, where most of their family is from.

Fabrice is still living there and is responsible for the sourcing and the provenance of the product. He meets partners regularly and maintains the relationship with different chateaux which allow him to find the best offers.

Matthias lives in Prague since 2003. He is an entrepreneur with different business and is in charge of sales and promotion of our brand and the quality control of the products, ensuring that all our wine are kept and proposed at the best conditions. But most importantly, his knowledge of the market allows us to make sure that we propose our products at a good quality price ratio.

Our marketing and e-commerce strategy is made by experts across the world based in India, US and Europe ensuring that our message and motto is spread to our client in all the countries we are serving.

Jiri Kunz, our logistics expert is an experienced veteran in setting up many companies, brings his knowledge and organization skills ensuring that the products are delivered on time (within 48 hours!) and at a below market price that it does not affect our final cost. He is also overseeing all staff dedicated to the preparation of your purchase from accounting to the warehouse department.

With roots based in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Poland, we are able to deliver a wealth of experience and expertise to you, the customer.

We hope you enjoy viewing our website and exploring the hand-picked range of specialist wines that we are able to offer.